ECLIPSE ECL-ACC900 Proximity Card Reader with Keypad, Buzzer & LED

  • Visual feedback
  • 12 character numeric keypad
  • Audible feedback: Internal transducer (buzzer/beeper)
  • Keypad will lock for 30 seconds after continuous error operation


Proximity card readers control access by requiring a user to present an ID card or enter a PIN on a keyboard or keypad. The ECL-ACC900 proximity card reader is an advanced access control card reader designed for indoor use. It can read prox cards and has a keypad for PIN entry. A bi-color LED and a beeper provide visual and audio feedback. The ECL-ACC900 can operate in network mode using the ECL-ACC1000 controller, or in standalone mode. The control mode, card capacity, card type and more options can be assigned by the user. Maximum card read distance depends on the environment and setup, but is approximately 15cm (5.9 inches).

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ECL-ACC900 Manual


ECL-ACC900 Specifications