• Access Mode: It supports card, card+ password, card or password, password
  • User Capacity: 20000 User Record
  • Reader Port: 4
  • Exit Button Port: 4
  • Door-magnet Port: 4
  • Lock Output: 4
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Access Mode It supports card, card+ password, card or password, password
Event Type Legal card, illegal card, anti-passback, exit button, password, threaten code
Alarm Event Type Door-magnet alarm, self-defined alarm, threaten code alarm
Linkage Function All event and alarm can linkage any or multiple relay output
Access Group 200 group
Holiday Schedule 300
User Capacity 20000
Record Capacity 70000
Reader Port 4
Exit Button Port 4
Door-magnet Port 4
Lock Output 4
Door-magnet Alarm Output 1
Self-defined Alarm Output 1
Self-defined Alarm Input 4
Communication Port 10/100MTCP/IP, 1 extension RS485 communication port
Input Protection Opto-isolator protection
Output Protection Varistor Protection
Extension Function It supports LED displayer, alarm host and so on
Video Recording and Snapshot All Event and alarm can linkage any video to record or snapshot by software
First Card Any cards can be first card
Multiple Cards To open a door by multiple cards, manager can set 4 cards to open a door at most
Remote Control Any doors can be opened by center authentication
Forced Control User can open/close door forcibly
Threaten Code 6 digits password, it is used in some special situation
Open by Password Each of user have a group password
Timed Normal Open User can setup three time-segment to let door open timed
Door Bolt Mode It can open door by card during some special time
Timed Invalidation for Exit Button Exit button invalidation can be set for three time-segments
Anti-passback Two readers or all readers can be set in a group
Temporary Card Quantity All users can be set as temporary cards
Self-defined Input/Output User can self-define input/output function to relative relay
Activate/dismiss security By manually: Any user card can be appointed to activate/dismiss security function By software: Activate/dismiss security function can be realized by software
Communication Security Password encryption during data transmission
Transmission Mode It supports TCP, UDP, RTP and multicast mode
Data Storage Mode Cycled storage

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